About US

Imakangi is a family run business that promises you won’t have to loose sleep over task automation. We care about our clients. We care about you.

If you find yourself spending too much time on repetitive tasks - automate them. Automations make life much easier! And unlike many believe - automations don't cause unemployment, but rather - increase efficiency.

Mark Wandugu

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Imakangi's Vision
Imakangi's vision is to become a pace setter when it comes to serving SMEs, hospitals and other organizations with world class software automations.

If more establishments can embrace task automations, more time will be available to focus on other areas of business and effectively increasing overall productivity and efficiency. And as imakangi, we hope to help as many establishments as we can with this.

Imakangi's Mission
Imakangi's mission is to help as many businesses as possible achieve their optimal level of productivity through high end, affordable - automation softwares.

With one of the most important aspects of growth being marketing – imakangi’s offering FREE website development for anyone who needs it. As Imakangi, we hope to help people & organizations achieve the following:-